Teatr Polski w Szczecinie

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Teatr Polski w Szczecinie
ul. Swarożyca 5
71-601 Szczecin

The modernised Polish Theatre building, which was built in 1929, back in the German days of Szczecin, is a unique theatre complex with a total area of over 20,000 m², comprising five stages and a viewing terrace; it also has ultra-modern technology facilities and a café. The venue is located in a representative part of the city, on the Chrobry Embankment overlooking the River Oder.

room name
Scena szekspirowska ul. Jana z Kolna
Scen włoska ul. Jana z Kolna
Scen kameralna ul. Jana z Kolna
Scena im. Jana Banuchy ul. Swawożyca
Scena świętokradców parafii czarnego kota rudego ul. Swawożyca
Maximum number of people in the conference facility1490
Distance from the city center (Port Gate)2 km
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