Zielone Patio

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Zielone Patio
ul. Brama Portowa 1
70-225 Szczecin

Zielone Patio (Green Patio) this is a group of restaurants offering cuisine from all corners of the world – from Chinese and Italian to Polish and European dishes. It is possible to prepare a menu specially to your preferences.

The restaurant is located in the very center of Szczecin – on the 1st floor of the Posejdon office building, next to the Port Gate. The great charm of the venue’s events is the patio inside the building, with a phenomenal green wall.

A distinctive interior, ideal for relaxing during work, lunch with friends and family gatherings, special events and company meetings are also organised. The restaurant’s hall, together with the outdoor patio and lobby, can accommodate more than 400 people. The restaurant offers banquet or catering services. There is ample parking and accommodation nearby.

Total area of the conference area1000
Number of restaurant seats400
number of parking spaces299
A A+ A++